Born in the southern city of Cincinnati, Ohio ,  AYINDE (I-YIN-DAY) WHITE took up the stage name “BOOMAYE” [BOOM-EYE-YE] (*Lingala Language: Bomaye) ; a correlation to the African roots of his birth name.  Constantly surrounded by music as a child, Ayinde learned music composition in addition to learning how to play the viola, piano and drums at a fairly young age. It was in his household however, where he developed his taste for the soulful sounds of Jazz, R&B, and Hip Hop. With all of these external influences around him, it was only a matter of time before he began to forge his own path in music. Ayinde is currently attending college in St. John’s University and recently returned from studying abroad in Rome, Seville and Paris.

Ayinde’s passion for both music and style has developed immensely and is reflected through the art he puts out. His aspiration to be recognized as one of the best, is matched by a natural talent as well as his dedication, hard work and a lingering hunger to learn and grow.

Ayinde divides his time between New York and Cincinnati.